Saturday, February 7, 2015

Letters Addressed to S.J. Deane, An Excerpt

"His house is in constant disarray. He calls it ‘orderly disorder.’ It smells pitifully of old porridge, herbs and stale tea, almost like a home for the elderly, except drastically worse. He showers on rare occasions yet dresses in laundered clothes each day as though he has. He hasn’t the least respect for personal space or boundaries; he is very touchy and seemingly perverse though he claims he wouldn’t harm a fly. He smokes his father’s old pipe on dreary days that remind him of his death. He sings aloud often, to himself, to drown out the thoughts that threaten to drown him instead. He is a troubled soul with a rebellious, almost perturbed mind, yet he finds the strength to endure each day in, what he attributes to, Christ. Ask him a single question that even remotely relates to Christianity, he will talk your ear off about the Bible and such. He could talk a person of any known religion into Christianity, I can tell you that much. You would think he is one of persuasive talk, but really, he just tells the truth; his testimony is unparalleled. In other words, he is a harebrained workaholic who is in love with none but a man named Jesus." -Lady Anne Sterling